Tank Class

Hyse 8 years ago updated by v2. 8 years ago 3

Brief Description

He can be bought in the store for 1500,a tank class who can block multiple attacks and deals damage up close.His sprint is short and recharges slow.


-LMB A shield push that knocks enemies back but has a slow cool down

-RMB Punch , sort of like kick but it has a shorter range and does one dmg

-MWSDWN Mega-Block a block that can withstand three hits , but too maintain balance if more than three hits are received than the tank is stunned. needing alot of player to take down a tank just seems logical

-MWSUP not a roll because his mobility is limited (brainstorm in comments)

-F Mega -punch a close punch where the enemy has to be stunned and does three dmg with a long cool down.

-MWSUP+RMB- BUll charge The tank uses all of his sprint to charge and any players caught in his path are knocked down but it does no dmg


MWSUP - throwing a shield that is coming back like a boomerang and can get through block, but you're stuck in place until it comes back xD

(EDIT) The tank class starts with full armor which makes him balanced so that he can't stack health


-Full armor

-Half movement speed

Would be an interesting class, but I could see things like shield push being abused, just as rolls > shields. Some people base their entire combat movment off of that and it can get quite frustrating if that's the only move they use.