Bring back the wall damage

Dziewczynka 7 years ago updated by achillesRising (aR) 7 years ago 10

It was a simple solution for dealing with rolling abusers - show them how much the wall hurts. Now it's gone, and they're going to feel safer - use it even more. WTF?


Now it's even more annoying!

What do you mean?

The guys who make rolling go abused!

Actually, removing wall collisions was a very good decision. Now players can focus on fighting each other more instead of having to avoid the environment so much, which is the foundation of most .io games. There is a counter to rolling, and that is the kick. Wilds.io is a game of skill; you have to learn to anticipate the other player's moves and once you can do that, countering the roll is quite easy.

All in all, I think it was a good decision to remove wall collisions.

plus you can counter rolling by jumping with SPACE too so against rolling are 2 counter plays or anotehr one is that you can just easilly sidestep and they will miss you while rolling.

No, this is the worst thing that happened lately. You could stay near the wall to make enemy stop using roll, and focus on blocking-counter attack only. If you'll focus on kicking - you'll get hit by a weapon, so it's too dangerous. There is no way that you could *anticipate* since anyone can roll instantly after block.

The way to anticipate someone rolling right after block is to follow the exact same strategy - roll after block. Again, Wilds.io is a game of skill, and it takes practice to time when and where you do kicks, rolls, blocks, or whatever. It's all in the timing.

Not bumping yo ass on the wall is a matter of skill too. This needs to be brought back. I just can't imagine this game without it.

It really doesn't. Remember that when Ruins was first introduced, and in the inner corridors combat was basically reduced to "keep blocking until the other guy decides to attack you" because you couldn't roll without taking damage as the walls were always too close in. Blocking was overpowered, and kick was proved useless because people didn't use roll. Just learn to jump, it's that easy. Or, even better, just WALK to the side whilst attacking and you get a free hit off on them. If you know how to play the game, then you shouldn't be complaining about how 'roll is op'.