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Blocking is overpowered.

yellowcakepie 7 years ago updated by StrikerOG 7 years ago 10

In a 1v1 situation, a successful block allows the person to counterattack 2 times. If you have a sword, it seems that you can counterattack up to 3 times, which basically means that your opponent is dead. You can follow up with a roll when the opponent is getting back up to do even more damage.

Furthermore, blocks can only be countered with a block-dash or a roll.

Block-dashing is inaccurate and hard to pull off because you have to double-tap in one direction, and you can't dash diagonally. You also have to wait 5 seconds before you can do it again.

Rolling is a more viable counter to blocking, but is a terrible idea when fighting near walls or inside a building in the Ruins map. When you roll into a wall on accident, you take damage and fall down, which gives the enemy the upper hand even if you hit them with the roll.

There's a few ways to make blocking less overpowered.

1. Make dashes go farther and in the direction of your mouse.

2. Make rolling into a wall not knock you down.

3. Make kicking a counter to blocking.

The opponent has a short break after using the block that you can use to attack. If you are careful you can beat your opponent without any loss of health. Remember that you can also block which makes the chances are aligned. In addition, the collision with walls no longer works and you do not have to worry that you fall into a wall during rolling.

Sure, we can both block.

But I was getting at the point that just one blocked attack will reduce you to 1/4 health. I dueled my friend yesterday, and I blocked one of his attacks and all of a sudden, I was able to counterattack him 3x with a sword and knock him down, and even follow up with a roll while he was getting back up.

Also, I wasn't quite sure what you meant when you said "the collision with walls no longer works". I haven't played this game today yet. Do you mean that walls will not knock you down when you roll or run into them?

If you have good reflex can receive a maximum of two cuts. If you want I can prove it on the training map. And as for collisions with the walls it has been removed. You can now go ahead and roll in them;]

Under review

Not sure if removing collisions with walls was a good move. It's less chaotic now but I don't know - kinda easy :)

Słodki Jezu z czekolady, proszę przywróć mocne ściany! :X

I think, however, it was better with walls that can hurt. This further allows the roll, but you have to be cautious what makes you have to think more, than just keep pushing forward.

Dodałem link z tym "pomysłem" żeby przywrócić obrażenia od ściany. (I added an "idea" to bring back the wall damage) HERE/TUTAJ Pls give a thumbs up if u agree ;_;


I definitely believe it was a good move. In my opinion, the current mechanics are just about perfect. Blocking a pro is just as dangerous as blocking a noob. If the noob happens to be able to block at the right time, they can possibly take down a pro with those two hits. It's a good balance, so that nobody stays on top of the room's leaderboard for too long.

Being able to roll into walls makes it less frustrating, and most .io games don't have too much interaction with the environment, probably for this reason. Removing wall collisions shifts the focus away from the walls and more towards attacking/defending from other players.

I knew the techniques but thanks to his, the "new player" will have more luck!

please change this to mabey only 2 shots if i hit the oppenent when they are blocking im dead. They usally always get 3 shots and im not able to do shit.