Bow idea

cyprian chowaniec 4 years ago updated by Dziewczynka 4 years ago 1

Hello evryone (I`m polish) do you thing cooldown bow is to slow. You mast attack 2/3 times to shoot! I thing on left mouse side Shot (colldown 2 sec) and on righ mouse side attack. is make sense! And yep like this for moterators can see this (one more time i polish and i have youtube channal).

Siema. IMO no, because it would replace kick. Instead of this I'd change the attack pattern: mouse click to melee attack and holding lmb to shot an arrow (which requires normal time to load an arrow and shoot, like in current cooldown - of course the arrow would release on will, when you release the button). This would make using archer less chaotic and more fluent.