keybord setup

cyprian chowaniec 3 years ago • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 5

Hello there! do you thing we need have best comfort for us? I got far cry 2 ( I`m noob) and ther you can write button to eatch action this make game more easy/better. I thing they need add this in

( don`t know why this was cut in a half) in... settings. If you agree leave like!

I'm having trouble understanding what you're trying to say. I came up with a translation, but it still doesn't completely make sense:

"Hi everyone! Do you think we need to have better comfort in the game? I just started playing Far Cry 2, and in the game they have a write button for each action, this makes the game easier and better. I think they need add this in."

What is the write button?

He just wants to change button settings xd

*Polish people confusing english* xd