Bug: getting points from killing teammates

achillesRising (aR) 2 years ago • updated by Dziewczynka 2 years ago 5

I know Rezoner is out, but upvote this so he can see it when he gets back. Quite simply, you get points for killing teammates (with landmines/bombs), be they player or bot, just as you get points for killing enemies. You can go try this for yourself to show that it's true, the announcer even gives you the 'double kill', 'triple kill', and 'glorious' when you kill friendlies.


It's good for killing bot :)


It's not a bug. It's a feature.


How is it a feature? Why would rezoner intentionally give you points for killing teammates?

To encourage people to kill their team mates XD

It's an explosion, it kills everyone in radius. Doesn't matter who it is. And if you're getting points from this (usually from killing bots) that's good for you, isn't it? D: A good player will dodge it, and if not - it's his fault, and you're getting his points. As simple as it can be. When I'm at the top in the ruins and my teammates are trying to kill me - I find it funny XD