More Bugs in This Update

Dead Wolf 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 12

-campfire heal clone

-campfire heal even off

-Even dead you can capture flag

-When you die by the fire, your doll flashes as if it were being healed

and why not if fire is strong heal more

Maybe campfire have also resurrecting ability? :D


I would love that lol OR MAYBE A SHAMAN?? \0/ Its time rez

kkk -ó eu ali

Some more bugs that I think most people already know:  Campfire healing when there isn't wood in it and health potions that are picked up won't heal you when you are hurt and your inventory is full.  Nice job making items un-pick-up-able when your inventory is full (no more wasting), but health potions that would normally heal you can't be auto-used.  (This needs to be added to stamina potions, too).  EDIT:

OH WAIT!  That's what you meant when you said campfire healing when off.  Sorry.

yep is very hard cap flag if have much people

it's because sometimes teams is strongly unbalanced what is probably a bug. 

There are times that even the gray being full you can't  get into brown if you do not try several times

It is rare to see a fort dominated by brown

Rez did you repared the bug of campfire?