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Separate Game Mode For Forts

Sgt Pain 7 years ago updated by Storm Crow 7 years ago 18

The new and improved fort is a new thing that has just been brought into the game, and it is, i feel, a step in the right direction. However, I feel that the fort should have its own gamemode called "Hardpoint"(Credit to snackdubbbz for the name). All the players do is go for fort and not actually fight other players, just get fort and camp it. And for the players who want to fight, they cant fight anyone because a lot of people care about the fort. So the gamemode "Hardpoint" will be kind of like the ruins, but smaller, and the fort in the middle. Both teams fight for fort and when all players from other team are kicked out of the fort, the team that's in the fort slowly gets points. To prevent mass amount of players at once, a respawn timer can be implemented. The first team to 100 wins and the players on the winner team from the beginning of the round get 50 bones (maybe?) on top of the ones they have collected from killing players. As for ruins, the old ruins can be bought back, or the fort can just be taken off and replaced with old chest mountain. I think this will be a great game mode that gives everyone what they want. Hope you consider my idea Rez!

-Sgt Pain

Hell yeah my d00d only thing I don't like is the 50 bones thing, that's a lot


And also if Rez sees this make survival a gamemode with monsters like goblin, the fort, wood, etc

Nice idea and clap clap your idea is the 2400 topic

It does seem strange that there is a mini game inside of the main ruins game.  He fort needs its own mode..

Agree. People are sitting inside the fort, avoiding fighting.

Similar to hunger games, but instead everyone attacks as a group. Regardless, this is a very creative idea indeed.

You have my support!
I personally want to see a "Command Post" oriented gamemode, like Star Wars: Battlefront.


I see much potential in such idea and already i written it few times. Maybe making three forts on bigger map is good idea. One fort on the hill in center and the rest on both sides. Spawns of course separated from forts. 

Players must fight for control in all three forts and maybe when one team have control in all three forts, enemy team got catapults/mounts which help with conquer first fort. After claim first fort this helping things is not avaible. 

Also team which have control in all forts should get some reward but i'am not sure what this can be.

With good map this mode can be super, so you can post forts and map Ideas. This can help Rezoner a lot. 

Seems good, the only thing is that games where you have 3 forts it takes more people to be in the game than 1 fort, but regardless, good idea.

Under review

Yeah we need to get this fort into a separate mode as it's stealing all the gameplay :D

Currently I am thinking about two ideas - adding another mode - as you described it - a Hardpoint mode.

Or bringing back the desert (with some changes) so new players have something simplified to play - and lead current ruins map toward a survival game - with less rules and more open space elements like hunger, hunting and building up a team as you want it (no forced brown and gray).

Seems good!

Looking forward to see what happens!

how about some npcs?


SO I know this is something weird but here me out on this one. What if we do a "story mode" like monument valley it didnt have  an actual story but it gave meaning to playing it if you are gonna add survival elements to ruins and stuff like that maybe something that kind of keeps players intrested? Monument Valley and appstore game does that really well and it shows in its success. idk if others might like  this idea but its just a suggestion.


A desert with a bunch of palisades would be great. Maybe bridges connecting different palisades

i like it...

Definitely. Right now the majority of players are just fighting for the fort and not spending time elsewhere.