Destroyable gates

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Bigness 7 years ago 39

There is a gossip that I have abandoned the game or something. No such thing is happening.

I am just pushing hard to make fort more interesting.
Here is a video of tearing the gate with claws:


List of features:

Destroyable gates [ DONE ]
Rebuild gates with wood [DONE]

Gather wood from trees [DONE]

Claim the fort by capturing the banner [DONE]
Chest/shed for team items [WIP]

Campfire to heal allied [WIP]


will be cool


Is this with only claws


i think not


Awesome, now the ones who keep hogging the fort are gonna be DECKED.

..get it? I don't either.

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)


As in a deck of keks?


Who said you abandoned the game?


Also, the gate should maybe shake or something when you hit it

yay rezoners back :D ;)


But in all honesty you kind of seem gone from forums. I bumped one post for 2 weeks and you didnt notice it. Aswell a lot of garabage posts and needless bumps have happened. (idk if you can include mine but whatever)

Cool idea

cool (adding to chain)

cool(following the adding to chain from Seraph)

what WIP means?

Under review

Work in progress

Draft of the chest menu in fort

lol much cool


Why are there repeated items instead of their amount being represented by the number


The top row will be separated. It's your pocket. The numbers are still there because in future we will have some stackable items.


Big pocket. Or small wood? ; )


ok no xD

i like the idea is pretty cools xD

Each person should be able to make their own fort, wall, door, weapon, knife, rope, black potion, bomb

You get wood, stone, gold, iron ... then you can craft items

Tool shed by Egzekutor, implemented in game.


-_- So THAT is where (B)ue went...

Item menu is also ready - later on you will be able to use shed to change your weapon.

dude this is so cool

That's great. Maybe if we are adding resources there should be at least another inventory slot for them.


Put a symbol on the flag. Maybe that floating wolf head above it?


I like that the least used weapons have objective uses now.  Their usage rates will go up.