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All right, all right, Ik this is a bad post. It's useless, but where is the creator of the new Wilds.io discord server? I know something's up with his Discord account, but can anyone clarify what's happening? No one else has perms on that server, (except me on ONE channel) and some stuff is happening- the people getting restless and all. I don'd expect you guys to know, but I thought may as well ask, in case he's still on Userecho.

P.S. The admin is Dragolich.

Dragolich disappeared :(


I'm still the best here.

err, my account was removed... for some reason discord thought i was a bot... it sucks. unfortunately its permanent. so there are a few options...

1. i make a new account and basically copy the server and post a link on the old 1 (not sure if that will work though)

2. we just forget about the server and everyone leaves (preferably not)

3. somehow i get the account back (which isn't going to happen, so unless u have any better ideas, which of these should i go 4?)

Ehm, can't you make another account on discord?

Then we'll make a new server, and give other people mod role so this doesn't happen lol. I'll help :D

Unless you can't make another account, then that sucks.

mhm. i cant make a new account on this computer. but maybe when i get  a chance i will make a new account and quickly do a remake of the server. i'm glad to see your positive attitude :). i'll go and use one of the library computers k.


I might make a new server, get everyone to join, then once you're active I'll hand over ownership to you. If it's all right with you and everyone...

yup. just copy the old 1. i will take a while to get a new account... post the link on the old 1

k one more question.

I'll give some others admin, like Egzekutor and meybe Raph, is that all right?

give Egzekutor admin, that's all for now. i'm thinking maybe i should make a "Big Red Button" role. to delete the server if need be so we can start afresh.

eh, i'm sorry that i'm taking so long. still cant get a time to make a new gmail account, which means no new discord :( it's frustrating knowing that i'm missing out on stuff. cant wait to chat again :)