Rocks, Stones and STONE GATES !!!

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Rocks, Stones, and Stone Gates !!!

I have a good idea for this game:


Add spread rocks in the map that can be mined using the hammer, giving five strokes on the rock, it will break, giving the player between 1 to 2 small stones and with a small chance to give coins.
I want rocks to be rarer than trees, because a stone gate will be better protective than a wooden gate.

Image 3030

Image 3031Some suggestions for drops items.

I liked suggestion 2 more.

Image 3032Some suggestions for rocks. (I discarded these rocks from the ancient wilds.io).

Swapping Items:

You can trade stones for all items, but the coin seller will give you only the brown coin.

Stone gate:

Image 3029Sorry =(

Image 3027

Image 3028

I'm a horrible designer and horrible painter :(

Well, I'll explain the proproedades of the stone gate:

Stones needed to build the gate: 8

Mine damage on the stone gate: 20/60 (three mines to destroy it);

Damage of the hammer on the stone gate: 1/60 (resists twenty more blows than the wooden gate, sixty blows to destroy it);
Bomb damage on the stone gate: 10/60 (six bombs to destroy it);

Stone Attack:

You can throw stones at other players that will give 1/8 damage and knock the opponent down, it stone can not be kicked, only blocked. OverPower rocks xD.

I used Google Translate.Leave your opinion and rate the post =)
You really are a bad painter ...

what if the gate is already wooden? perhaps you should rethink this a bit. what if the stones worked in the same way that armor does for a player? it could add an extra white ring on the outside. 1 stone = 1/4 gate armor. the stones would supply the same armor as a piece of wood gives health. stones could be collected by 20 hits from a hammer (makes them harder to get) 1 mine explosion, or 2 grenades. there would be 12 stone sources on the map. they would each take 2 x longer to reappear than a tree. a player could throw a stone, it would work like a grenade. the difference is it would not knock over, but instead stun and deal less damage. the rock would shatter when it hits the ground creating the blast.

if the gate is already wooden, then obviously you cant add stones to it

Unless you add some super sticky adhesive onto the wood, THEN you can stick some stones... ._.

;o Cool. Now with this "innovation"...Wilds.io will be slightly more similar to Wanderers.io

I'm going to stop playing. is not giving to play wilds.io

Ah, que triste... é por causa das atualizações que não veem?

sim, todo dia é a mesma coisa chata no wilds.io, a mesma rotina, nada muda:

1. Fazer quests;

2. Jogar no Fort;

3. Football;

4. Browars;

5. Fort;

E isso vai se repetindo a cada dia, não tem nenhuma coisa nova, isso só e uma pequena parte do por que eu não quero jogar mais......

Bugs will make this irrelevant

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