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I originally wasn't planning on one of these, but I have nothing to do rn so whatever.

I'm not gonna talk about all the memories I have of this game because that shit is boring.

I'm gonna talk about my achievements and shit because I like to show off lol. I've been here since the very start (who hasn't), was #2 on userecho leaderboard for a while, and was an elite of the game. I made quite a few friends, so that was a plus.

Well, this post is cheesy and gay as shit so I might as well end it here.
If you want to talk to me for whatever reason, my Discord is WZRD#9583. Probably won't change it for a while.


Until next time, my dudettes.

bye... i guess

it was only cheesy and gay as shit when you said it was


i miss seal and ukryty 

Probably one of the "coolest" guys on the forums ngl lmao. Welp, farewell...hope you visit once in a while

.-. Yep, you are ;v

yo mrrppp. if yer wondering why i'm not on discord, its because it thinks i'm a bot. my account has been temporarily disabled... or permanently.

now everyone is coming out of the wilds.io, this is sad

Hmmm. Cool. Later dude it was nice knowing you. You were a real OG

Ooh,swatting two flies in one strike. Fuck yea bro.Glad you had good times.Thanks for all your achievements. and forum cleaning aswell as contributing to this game.+1.

3 old players all ded :( 

goodbye my dude