Wilds.io Mobile

The_Ozan1 6 years ago updated by Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker . 6 years ago 11

I have a laptop but too old and I can't open it anymore. Even if I can it only works for 1 minute. With Joystick & Attack/Block/Kick/Run buttons.  

By tapping twice on Joystick, you dodge.


No, too hard.

Come on! It's easy. You didn't even try. 

He's right.Once u get hang of it u can play properly.

But I don't have possibility to play and I missed the game.

Maybe it's a good idea

Cough Cough, nice pic

There's already wilds.io on smartphones but not in Google Play, you just have to type wilds.io in browser, it will be little bit laggy and hard to play, but... it's working

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