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Potion of Rearm:


1.If you use this potion and if you have no weapon, you will have your weapon back with special attack loaded, but if you already have the weapon in your hand, it will only reload the special attack;

2.The color will be purple:

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Potion of Jump:


1.When this potion is used, the player will have the ability to jump mountains for five seconds, but this potion will not work against wall and fort;

2.The color will be blue:

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Potion of invulnerability:


1.If this potion is used, the player will not receive damage for three seconds, however, he may be knocked over by kicks, rolls, special attacks, "Bash", frozen and given other negative effects;

This potion will not work against Yetis, Spikes, worms, trapdoors and quicksand;

2.The color will be green:

Image 3071

3.When this potion is used, particles will exit of you character for three seconds.

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Very cool'

What the hell?? Me and Brai talked about 2/3 of the ideas you have in this post. And the descriptions are almost identical to what we said. 

Good times, i alse want to know what happend, can you please let us know?


because they are all generic you retard

Spaghetti's right. It's just a coincidence, pain. The ideas really aren't insanely unique here; I'm sure many others have thought about invincibility potions. And the idea in this post and in the DMs aren't identical either.


More than considerable. 


that's pretty good

The potion of invincibility and jumping are balanced, and the rearm potion is good, though instantly recharging the special is pretty op. If you have two of these potions you could spam three specials in a row, and specials are easy to land, so that's pretty scary. Maybe if you use it and you still have your weapon, your stamina recharges? Recharging the special is just way too strong, in my opinion.


I'm not sure about the jump potion since it would take away from the uniqueness of the spear's special.

More like it would be almost useless to use a spear...