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cough, cough. i know yer bilboooo.

i'm not advertising so much. its more like, spreading the word. trying to make wilds a better place. besides, u said JUST for advertising. if u had checked any of my other posts u would know this is an exception.

hey brutal. i aint seen u in a long time XD

i just realized i'm like the 3rd oldest member that still remains on this user echo. almost everyone has changed since the old times before you could buy equipment. only werewolf and egz have been here longer. and i think i have been playing longer than werewolf, just not on the user echo.

whai r people down voting this?

i couldnt agree more. my new shield THE BOOK post took so many bumps before it got over 30 votes. meanwhile the recent HATED POST was filling up with drama...

OH LOL. i just realised the name of my first post XD.

VOTE THIS, i want to see how many votes this gets...

i mean rly. i certainly have improved a lot XD. oh, and that post ended up with -13 dislikes... man, every one has to start as a noob sometime XD. i really had no idea what i was doing.

ye k. that's just archers generally. it would probably b fine. i get what yer saying tho. i dont think there is much more u could do about it. plus other things are not much better. u can hardly see the elf ears zoomed out for example.

thx, i have some more concepts coming up soon. yunno the fire staff? and then there was an old post i made for a book shield which i might redo with better art. i'm also considering a crossbow and a flail concept. stay tuned XD.