add the necromancer class. raising dead, casting spells, cool new abilitys

werewolf 3 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2

the necromancer would have 4 health normal speed and damage. on the click of the mouse he would shoot a pale green lightning strike which deals 1 damage per second and stuns when finished. the attack is has a range of about half a screen width. on a right click he would release a gas cloud which slowly follows your mouse and deals 2 damage every second to enemies inside it.you and the necromancers team members are fully resistant to his attacks and spells. on a scroll he quickly telly ports a small distance ahead of himself. the necromancer wears a dark green cloak with a hood on it. he holds a dark wooden staff with a green mildly glowing orb on the top. you cannot see his face there is just darkness under his hood. the necromancer leaves a trail of choking gas behind him which slows down enemies following him. the necromancer can press space while standing on a team mate to resurrect a team mate to full health and no loss of points but this uses a lot of manna. on a backwards scroll the necromancer steals one health from an enemy within range. the necromancer can press space while on top of an enemy corps and turn it into a zombie. the necromancer starts with a max amount of zombies equal to five for every hundred more points the necromancer earns he gains on more zombie available to raise. zombies have half the speed of a normal player 12 health 2-4 damage slow attack. they are programed to follow there creator and attack any enemies in the necromancers sight. if the necromancer dies the zombies will stand still and attack any enemies close to them they have half health and damage after the necromancer dies. if they come into range of there master again they will still stand there they will disappear if the necromancer summons some fresh zombies.

hope you liked this idea. if so please vote thumbs up.

Great idea. i think this Class would improve the game vastly.

with the new update his different ability's could be activated with a necromancer staff and a dark hood. the dark hood would give the player a darker color and blackness under his hood.