add more enviroment, weather, animals, textures

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i think the game does not look as good as it could. to improve its looks you should first add textures.

here are some textures ideas i came up with:

Textures and objects

dry ground/cracks

small bushes tussocks

animal and player bones

giant predator bones


mossy brick/stone floor



these are some immovable objects i cam up with:

stone walls mossy/normal

broken pillar


giant bones

large bushes/provide cover from sight

these are some movable objects i came up with:

boulder/ rolls and deals damage

tumble weed

dragon eggs


i think th game would be a lot better if there were different weathers.

here are some ideas i came up with:


lightning storm:

heavy rain, water rise, strong wind, random Falk lightning strikes random spot on map every second, occasional flash lightning, thunder sounds, lasts 10 minutes, first 2 minutes of wind and thunder.

sand storm:

super wind, suffocate in open, blinding in open, obscure sight. lasts 1 minute,

10 second high wind warning and some shifting sand first. wind sounds


while close super wind pulling towards tornado, while a fair distance strong wind pulling towards tornado, long distance wind pulling towards tornado. lasts 2.5 minutes, moves around at player speed, if sucked in take 5 damage slowly then get chucked out the top and land killing you instantly,


lasts for 5 minutes and makes rain occasional flash lightning and thunder claps.

snow storm:

comes in parts, part 1 lasts 2 minutes wind small rain and thunder sounds, part 1 lasts 2 minutes heavy rain thunder sounds strong winds, part 3 no rain puddles sun shines lasts 30 seconds, part 4 lasts 2 minutes heavy rain thunder strong winds flash lightning, part 5 lasts 30 seconds strong hail strong winds. part 6 lasts 7 minutes very heavy snow. when finished frozen water, slowed speed, snow trails, snow and ice disappears slowly over 20 minutes.


drought: water levels go down, cracks in the ground appear, less animals spawning in, stops after storm lightning storm or snow storm.

sunny: normal, most often

cloudy: shade every where

raining: shade everywhere rain/heavy rain/light rain

searing heat: heat waves visible, in sun to long cross screen and slow speed temporary. this would cause battles for shady areas.

Edge of the map

the current edge of the map is just a line. i think the game would look better if it was a huge dark brown cliff reaching up out of sight and impossible climb. this would give the game a pit feeling like an arena but you would still be in the wilderness. around the cliff bottom would be caves and smaller one you can go into but spawn goblins and other monsters.


this is a list of animals i came up with that would make the game feel more wilderness like:

wolf: faster than grunt same damage and attack speed. 3-4 health.

bear: same speed as grunt 3 damage knock over and back 10 health.

deer: twice as fast as grunt, occasionally charges if cornered, 3 health and runs away.

crock: half as fast as grunt twice as fast at swimming. 4 damage and grapple. 9 health

eagle: fly 5 times faster than grunt. 2 health dive for 1 damage quickly.

snake: half as fast as grunt. 3 health 5 damage + poison

giant scorpion: same speed as grunt. 5 health, 3 damage and poison quick attack speed.

warg: goblin ridable giving extra 3 health. 6 health 2x faster than grunt. 3 damage + knock over.


orc: 5 health. a little slower speed than grunt. 2 damage slow attack.

ogre: 15 health. knock back and knock over for 4 damage slow attack. slow movement.

giant: 38 health. huge knock back and over 5 damage super slow attack. slow turn.


first, when i say towns i don't mean ones full of shops houses and busy people. i mean a tiny town with a small guard post a few shops and an inn to stay in. in towns there are guards. they have 10 health slightly faster than grunts and deal 3 damage with each attack. guards can also block and will attack monsters or beasts coming near the town there are about 3 guards walking around the town interior and another 3 on the outside. there is a guard in the tavern and all the other shops. there are 3 guards at each entrance to the town and they will stop you and make you pay or fight to enter the town if you have a criminal record you only have to pay once unless you attack other players or npcs in the town. guards re spawn 30 seconds after dieing at there normal post. while in a town there is a peace treaty with the other team. you can still attack them but then you get a criminal record and are made to pay up or fight the guards.

the shops are items shop in which you can buy potions throwing knifes or bombs. you can stay in the tavern and chat to other players. there is a troop hiring place to and an arena for practice battling monsters. you can also hire mercenaries. i have made a whole write up on my mercenary ideas so go take a look at that some time.

Times of day

default day lasts 10 minutes. morning lasts 1 minute in which there is a sunset same for sunset. night lasts for 5 minutes. i plan to make my own mini wilds.io monster manual on this so i will hopefully have some nocturnal animals in that.


caves are simple. each cave contains monsters and beasts which you must defeat to get to the treasure in the end. the treasure is usually money.

hope you liked these ideas if so please give a thumbs up.

the new version is great just make the map a little larger.

does anybody like these ideas

I think that it would be cool to have gusts of wind, that stir up sand a little, and give you a light push in one direction (maybe have walls sheild you from this effect), every once in a while.

I'd like to see a Wolf, Goat, and Orcs.

It might be cool to have the light source change. Obviously not get completely black, but go from glumly to bright, and have the shadows move.

rain should be added and lightning.


Your ideas are cool and all, but please just stop.

The game is still in development by a single person, and it would take too long, there would be many, many other .io games before he could finish everything you suggest.

Be patient, and please stop overloading the forum with ideas of yours. Wait at least 2 days before your next. Thank you.


your right i just get carried away. i start writing and then i just cant stop.

Caves would be a nice gamemode, u work as a group clearing the cave

really you had to bump this