add mercenaries you can hire for points

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around the map there would be different types of mercenaries like assassins, adventurers, troops, gladiators and apprentices. each would cost a certain amount of money act differently and have different stats. here are some stats and behaviors i came up with:

(note a normal players speed or Ats is 3 and Ats stands for attack speed)

assassins: cost 60 points, speed 5, damage 3, Ats 4, health 6.

the assassin gets payed once. he then attempts to kill a player on the other team of your choice. for every 100 points the enemy has you must pay him 10 more dollars. once the assassin has eliminated his target he returns to his original spot. if the target kills him then he spawns on a random place on the map and does not attack anyone until payed again. on a success you can keep half the normal points of the enemy destroyed.

adventurers: 100 points, speed 2, damage 1, Ats 2, health 4.

an adventurer stays with you until you die or he does. you can have a max amount of adventurer helpers of 3. you can pay 100 extra points to get him to re spawn after 30 seconds of dieing and continue helping you. you can pay him extra 100 to get all the points he earns. he can still have the points to. for an extra 150 he can stay with you when you die 5 times and for 150 more forever. for 350 points you can make him not loose levels when he dies. the adventurer follows you around and attacks enemies of your in your sight range. they level up to so heres a level list. 50=level 1 speed 3, 10=level 2 damage 2, 200=level 5 health,

350=level 4 health 6, 500=level 5 Ats 3. they start gain size after that to a max level of 1000.


fighter troop: cost 40: speed 3, damage 1, Ats 2, health 2.

archer: cost 60: speed 4, damage 1 range, Ats 1, health 1.

berserker: cost 70: speed 3, damage 2, Ats 2, health 5.

runner: cost 50: speed 6, damage 1, Ats 3, health 3.

front line: cost 80: speed 4, damage 2, Ats 2, health 5. longer sight + block move

leader: cost 200: speed 3, damage 2, Ats 3, health 6. 1 extra speed and Ats to troops in range

the troops can be upgraded in the following ways:

sworn: 5 points, when you die this troop still has to work for you

renewal: 10 points, when this troop dies he spawns back in after 30 seconds.

speed: 2 points for each. reduces the players default re spawn of 30 seconds by 3 seconds.

mind set: 5 points swaps the programing mind set.

mind sets:

fighter: lines up with other fighters in rows of 5 and runs toward enemies.

archer: stands back and shoots if ranged weapon. if close to enemy back off.

berserker: charges into battle doing a slide attack then swapping to mindless slashing

runner: charges at lower level players circling them and making the occasional jab

front line: charges halfway towards the enemy and stops fighters behind them then holds out shields in a row and letting fighters threw slowly. then soon after charges into battle

leader: stays near other troops helping them.

all points go to you.

gladiators: cost 350, speed 3, damage 3, Ats 3, health 7.

gladiators are programed to guard a certain area from any enemies in it. they are well programed have constantly regaining armor levels and the following moves. block, knock over, attack enemies on the ground, shock wave, slide, jump, flip and grapple.

they have max armor levels of 4. when they die they reappear after 10 seconds if paid 550 points by someone else they will stop guarding the area.

apprentices: cost 250, speed 3, health 4.

apprentices can cast spells. each one takes off his manna. he gains one manna per second and has a max manna of 20. these are the spells he has. you can upgrade his manna level by five points during the game for 20 points to a max of 60.

these are some spells he can cast:

fire ball: 20 manna, damage 5, knock back and over, catch on fire, screen range, speed normal

lightning bolt: 20 manna, damage 3, stun 3 sec, knock back, instant 2 screen range

magic missile: 10 manna, damage 1, shoots 3, homing, 5 speed, never run out

ray of frost: 5 manna, damage 2, freeze 2 seconds, -1 speed 5 seconds, small range instant

fire blast: 5 manna, damage 3, on fire, close range instant,

lightning storm: 45 manna, creates fire storm which covers 1/2 a screen and strikes any of your enemies with lightning while they are under it for 3 damage and 3 second stun. lasts for 15 seconds.

fire storm: 50 manna, creates a fire storm covering half a screen blowing enemies around and over and catching them on fire. lasts for 15 seconds

summon1: 10 manna, summon 3 friendly to you goblins for 30 seconds

summon2: 20 manna, summon 5 troops for 30 seconds

summon3: 40 manna, summon 3 gladiators for 30 seconds

illusion: 5 manna, (effect 1 clone 1) (effect 2 troops 5) (effect 3 whirl pool) (effect 4 goblins 10)

illusion large: 15 manna, (30 troops) (dragon) (gladiator 3) (giant size)

earthquake: 55 manna, 1 damage all enemies world shakes. 4 damage in screen super shake + fall over for enemy. open 3 damaging cracks for enemies on screen. 15 sec last

when the apprentice dies he re spawns after 10 seconds. he is programmed to run away from enemies and follow you. he always helps you.

you can find mercenaries at random places all over the screen and if towns are made even more in them. you can get troops by pressing tab.

hope you liked this idea. if so please give a thumbs up.

sorry if this seems like a ton of writing. i got carried away.

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