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Make them also flip the bird after saying vrngh.

Add more sandworms freeroaming round the map.It would also be nice to add larger and more ripped goblins like before.

That fucker?Jesus...

Hey shut up,it's my post and I wanted to add an idea.Jesus fucking christ...U also bumped it.

Add for limited time rare mystery eggs dropped by bosses which gives ya permanent skins, weapons or voice packs.Just so game gets more intense.

Maybe even skin/weapon combination could set you off as certain class.

Or even real players being able to cheer and all that stuff,being seperated and with barrier so they wont get involved in fight.

Nice,time to butcher ppl.But if ya seen the movie,they barely ate anything,so would it be like last man standing,pure fight and all?Or survival traits should be added?

They're not problem just here.Even in game,their dumb asses seem to be more ressistant,and I'm  ot talking about bots or any AI.Noob uprising,the brink of noob evolution.

It'd be sweet to fight ranged and melee seperately so u can kill little runners ass and fight off melee dude in peace.They should have walls separating them.