Bot Re-targeting

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  So I hear A LOT of complaints about bots, but I find that okay. I hate these little thugs because now we have some personal vendetta. But instead of talking about how bad they are or why they should be removed, I'll try to explain how we can make them a little more ''fair''.


My main idea is re-targeting. We all know that the CPUs (bots) will follow you and hunt you down. They do this either if you're closest to them when they spawn, or if you're closest to them after they give that ''FATALITY'' screen to the person they were originally going after. These punks 'll follow you to the end; silent treatment, hard-to-get, anything you do won't stop them from walking menacingly towards ya. My idea is that if you're far enough away from the radii of the bots, they'll target on to some other innocent life, without them having to get hit by someone else. You might be thinking ''but bots are already E-Z''. Okay. You're great at the game, but new players aren't (unless they're an alternate account). And even still, when these things come at you in a flock, you have a low chance of surviving!

  P.S. Sorry for not posting in a while, I was (and still am) in the mist of finding my giant keyboard cuz i'ma dummy. I'm settling for this on-screen keyboard in the mean time, which makes typing unbearable. Once my keyboard stops playing ''Where's Waldo?'' with me, I'll be sure to share more ideas, questions, and bugs. And I just wanna say thanks to all of you helping out the wilds community and the forums!

Mooster likey. I like the idea of bot re-targeting for newer players.

Cool Idea. +1

make it so that when you use the "no" emoji then they get sad and walk away

Make them also flip the bird after saying vrngh.