Bones in the Shop

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There is this small bug that happens a lot more than it should. Sometimes when you kill someone near a shop, one or more bones get stuck inside the shop, and its almost impossible to grab it. The bone will be stuck in there until it despawns. You may think this is rare, but this happens a lot. Its extremely annoying, especially if it's a double or triple bone. How would you feel if there were 7 bones stuck in a place you couldn't collect them?

This is how I mostly die....the bone bait lol

Yea,it's real pain in the ass.However,it makes nice bait for Tori or Reor.

This bug also applies to health orbs.

Seva proposed item physics a long time ago but noone listened.

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Didn't you read my comment? You think why I wrote "genius"?

It's called sarcasm, which if you can't even understand your own sarcasm.  If it's not sarcasm, than yea I still remain behind my words :I that he doesn't have to go and reanimate old topics like you and seal do.

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theres also a bug that causes coins get to the shack inside th fort XD

And aswell as most items too..

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The problem is that everything revolves around the bones in this game. That is the key about runners and people who feel sad, mad, bad, due to 7 bones are stucked "under" a shop :/

KEEP FIGHTING AND DON'T RUN. (Im talking to everyone)

Sometimes bones are actually stuck in walls and stuff and are impossible to reach, other times theres a glitch where a bone is uncollectable(basically its not there but the animation stays)