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How'd you know?!You've never seen that ****.He's cancer completly and annoying to fight.

Insulting humans isn't,I guess.What do ya think how did he cause trouble here with his mistake of life-friend Seal?With just spamm?Or bullying?Those reasons are just the tip of the iceberg.Their absense is punishment enough,though their birth can count too.Don't get me wrong but I had trouble with them in game.Bunch of assholes. 

Yes I did,like that cheating hacker  scum Seal who is cancer himself.I wish I can beat his ass more frequently.That pussy is hiding away.

Lol that scumbag Ukryty's post.Poor newbie got cancer from that tumour pooped from his mother.

What about 1875+  points worth of leveling in 1 run lost when waiting for soccer(I waited a while for soccer to 

enter but I guess I should've killed myself so I can get bones at least).Half of those same gatherings who could've leveled me up multiple times were lost due to game crash and long wait to enter arena or other game.It sucks..

Pfft I dunno..I was not so interested in arena since it took quite a while to enter for me at least.

Now imagine losing 300+ bones after entering the arena..

No no no,I'm considered nobody by a lot of ppl(both in reality and online) and I know cuz I've been in game and modes for long time.

Thank ya',finnaly someone that gets me.

I'm pretty much nobody..Almost like I don't exist.