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That's the case of runners,though archers can kill runners easier if you're good enough.The thing is that not all archers are runners and some archers are holding the stance facing you which shows the sign of their wits in battle with ranged weapon and bigger potential.It's good you are into it and understand aswell respect the bowmen since it'd end up nasty.

But I use Chrome on daily basis and still won't work,and Firefox can't even load it.Damn bastards!

Archer haters who have bad time and bad way of dealing with them are more cancerous and that is none of my concerns since you can't change our fighting style so you have to adapt,ffs!This is worth for all of us regardless of weapon!That's just dumb

Well,bigger problem now is the glitch which won't let me collect reward.Sons of bitches!

Why no bows?Ya' scared?Even with 1 archer per team,it's nothing.

Try it again.Practice makes perfect

What about atheists?Agnostics?Budhists?Hindhuses?

 I wouldn't recommend doing that.

This is disgusting,why would there be valntine's day since halloween nor xmas wasn't added.