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Hella one and effective too.

Lol Seal's brother or blood related guy.His autism is just as dangerous.

+1.And also it could be attached to rope or something to perform 1.25 damage stun drag like Scorpion."Get over here!"

Talking things to mentaly and socialy drained person,especialy depressed one,like "it's puberty","overreacting too much","snap out of it","deal with it" and things like "why you depressed?"(it may seem like there s a reason but in general its like asking person with allergies why they are allergic) is not so pleasant for them to hear.He's struggling with this so don't criticize it,rather share far more mild and suitable opinion but to still keep your point of it.Im just saying that support from us is necessary so be careful what you say first(ik u do),but be wise what to say to mentaly disturbed ppl.And mental ilness is just major as physical,and both should be considered to solve.

Where is kunai? +1 btw

its more like dune raider or something.

If ninja has to offer all these traits and abilities,then price could be bigger.

What's wrong with you?I was just commenting with opinion.Jeez,chill.

Game is crashing and laging often.