Your comments

Horde of them are much easier to tackle now aswell.

He is easy to handle.Don't get to much a head of urself though and yu may regret it.Just as those seals did.They are just nothing but a memory and less.

I butchered them as Canadians do.

He kept posting those topics without any clue does someone speak any different language but it doesn't matter now.

Well in browars you can kill archer 1v1 easily,its not double team,its browars

Well,it's usual for ppl to have shitty altitude against bows when they struggle dealing with them or "getting irritated" in encounter,but I feel ya since im fighting against archers aswell and it's somewhat easier to counter them with bow though I won't admit that it's not piece of cake,especialy against skilled archers,basically ones equal of your same weapon skill but it varies.

First,I didn't downvote,and 2nd;user can always check the language and translate it in 1st place.

Poor brats...Rez gotta put sling in game as default ranged weapon as we have axe as mellee default so little kids can choose if ghey are that lazy...

It's entirely up to others to choose way of playing and encountering,and it's up to player if he wants to adapt to deal better with range dps or not.We don't want a conflict and bloodstains here..Other ghan that;it's chill...