Ogres into Spawn Base

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I hate.... JUST HATE

when i respawn after dying, thinking of how i will exact vengeance on whoever killed me...


Realizing that i'm floating in the air. Have I officially died? NO.

Because I LOOK DOWN and see a hideous ogre face, using his hand to pick me up and throw me.


So that opposes the question....

Can we stop ogres from being led into certain places?


This is named "surprise madafaka"

Yeah, I had this happen and it's really annoying especially for other players.

You´re actually trying to solve a problem with a problem?

If we stop ogres from going to certain places, players will just start camping there and start baiting the ogre into that place, literally just poking him trough doors until it dies (while that happens players take literally NO DAMAGE!)


Well this is not easy for solve because ogres often running around and sometimes they just run in to spawn. 

it doesnt make sense since the entry i the spawn point is a tiny door while the ogre is A MASSIVE BLOODTHIRSTY CREATURE


My problem is that ogres spawn at the same location as NONE Players . Yes , I'm talking about the Left side of tha Map where NONE players take damage from ogres just right after respawning , I hate having to find a health potion and it's wasting time for me to kill ....

Dude,when I spawn,odds of being tossed by ogre against normal spawn 30/70.Now you are aware how often same problem happens to me too.


Just make it so ogres can't touch you for 5 seconds after spawn. I have no problem with someone taking advantage of the situation and kicking me down so the ogre hits me a few seconds later. I would call that skill ;)

Finnaly someone who's properly collected when facing the ogres.

just spawn a sandwirm in the same area as the ogre when an ogre comes in spawn so that they will fight to death, problem solved

Add more sandworms freeroaming round the map.It would also be nice to add larger and more ripped goblins like before.