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Let me see. I will post something here then try to go onto the game.

This talk will only alter the very foundations of and give us a game that will be radically different. We still want veterans to continue playing and if you removed that core combat experience, you risk losing that player. Besides, there is a reason why Rezoner programmed that to be like that and that is to allow players to retaliate. With no targeting window time, there is no combat experience. That is why we should let the vanilla controls stay and not be altered in anyway. A game is like a leaf and if you try to alter it's stem, you will only damage it. 

Let's not repeat the same mistake as the unfortunate ones in the past.

Rez cannot be happy about this. Does he still get payed even if players use ad-blocker?

Here's some more proof. When I was experiencing this, I noticed that I could not comment, see items and orbs. I also saw this. It looks like the server decided to close because after I made this, the server was wiped-bare. 

How are runners "hypocrites"?

It is a valid strategy. It's just that people have the upper hand when they run and take into account the frustration of the other player.

I'll help you by making this one of the first things Rez will see when he visits the forum.

It's not useless. It's pointless to someone who does swear a lot because it gets in their way.