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weird menu glitch/bug

kanguror 6 years ago updated by Derpie 6 years ago 17

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does somebody know what does the yellow squere mean?


I don't know but we can also notice that there isn't wanderers.io link at the bottom left corner:

lol you have so much money

i c it 2

ahh its if you are using add block it is there.  there is an add with that box around it

i started using adblock in wilds again because of warthunder ads ;(

Yea, um, it's an ad for me.



Under review

Thanks for blocking ads lol :D

sorry but the adds where making the game unplayable,  i they constently made me lose my opportunity to fight in browars matches

warthunder has the most iritating ads i ever seen ;(

I have adblock and I still get wanderers ads :/

Sorry, but w\o adblock, my game lags as hell. Idk why, but i have like 15 fps w\o adblock, with it all is good. 

Rez cannot be happy about this. Does he still get payed even if players use ad-blocker?

I thought I had a lot of gold..but looking at some of these people...I only have like 40k

You can still save gold like me.