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Let's just say, you want to glorify yourself. Good game using the forum correctly.

Sickle (extended handle)

Special Ability: Swings low and makes surrounding enemies fall down.

Well we would run into the same problem Graveyard did. If we want new modes, we must remove some already existing modes.

Also, a single player can hold a mode lobby hostage by refusing to go to menu. That causes the server to stay closed until that player has left. We should be able to kick players out once the mode is over.

You are the one who is making himself/herself look stupid. That person is a troll and you obviously took things too seriously and couldn't register a joke. If you want to make yourself sound better than another person, don't go insulting others just because they sound stupid because in the end, the stupid one is you. Run along kid.


Compared to hammer, it is useless.

This is a blast from the past. In the past, during the time of Marketplace, there used to be a bug where the guillotine would randomly appear on the screen. It was deadly and it killed players. Not sure why this is back.

Don't forget to mention the lag that happens when that pops up.

I absolutely agree with you. I also want to include that kick counters the spear charge. Makes sense right? Also, if you dash  in one direction when you are about to use the spear charge, you move in that direction.