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You are the retard for making a topic about how to floss on a game user-echo. So don't call others retards when you aren't that well off.

A theory of how this glitch is triggered:

You press so many buttons during an ad-pop up phase while running ad-blocker that the game triggers an error causing the after-effects. Frequently occurs during combat.

It would be better if your stamina depletes very easily while using this weapon. This is one way of balancing this weapon.

There's not much creativity to it. It's pretty much a better, even arguably over-powered version of the axe weapon.

Wands that shoot magic does not exist during the time of barbarians, therefore, your argument of it not complementing the barbarian feel is invalid. Barbarians also did not have Greek Helmets, Elf hats, Angel wings, Demon wings, Demon horns, claws, Crusader Helmet or even voice packs.

I would like it better if the price was a little lower than that, maybe 7000.

Can you elaborate more on the idea of "custom maps"?

Essentially, you're asking for a weapon modification. I am against this because it would take up a ton of space if someone was to customize their wands. Applying a certain number of colors will take up data and the more people there is with wand, the more data that will be required. Hence the dislike.

Also, I purposely used ad-blocker to see if there was any effect and there was none.

All I got was this, which is normal.

Apparently, I'm not infected. Corn is also not infected since I saw him in-game.