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no, runners will like this.

I think that Rezoner will never do this because he wants this game to be appropriate for advertisement and to do that, he must meet all requirements and one such requirement involves having no influences with gambling which could insight people to gamble in real life. Rezoner has to make this at least Rated as for Everyone or at least PG 13. Gambling is something that will give raters a higher rating and if so, it will ruin Rezoner's chance of advertising.

Your topic isn't getting positive feedback so why bump?

Also, my tribe is Blizzard Glacier Academy. Have fun trying to find my tribe on the map.

Ahem ahem! Coins cannot be on picked up by other players if you kill someone or got gold from the chest as the coins will be given to you automatically!

Many topics have been made m8 and I guarantee you that none have received positive feedback. 

Pizzao may be kinda aggressive but I personally have no problem with him.

Besides, I like Canadian bacon.

I just wished that the clash effect didn't apply to the spear's attack.

i also want to include this in a bug report there is a one idea per week rule so here is what i'm gonna say: you apparently can move right or left while using the charged spear attack even though it's a thrust. how does that make sense? where you are facing is the direction to charge at.