Login problem

Derpie 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 38

Can't load my game...

Image 2937

Image 2938

Image 2939


me too i have this problem


Here is Firefox's.

ow.hi praet long time no see!

it's darklord btw :D

Cookies deleted, browser restarted, changed browser to play and I still have the same problem.

I'm having the same problem.

We need a fix for this problem.

I can't too now x(

I'm not in IT and I know almost nothing about computers (Sad, right?), so I'm probably wrong on this, but I think it may have something to do with Anti-Virus/Security software or ad-blockers.

I checked my anti-virus, firewall, proxy/vpn, cleared the browser's cache, cookies, changed browsers, verified the ad-blockjers, uninstalled/ reinstalled the browsers and it still doesn't work for me.

Ik someone who had this problem

Today he got in though, so some people here might try and get in. I'll ask him more.

-_- im infected
everyone who posts in this thread gets it
ur next mrrppp


I have good internet though... Maybe everyone who had this has bad internet?

My internet's pretty good. I get 10 ping on US, and around 50 on EU

i have this,

Maybe this is something...

idk code.

Idk if this is a coincedence, but America has 1 player online as of 10:32 A.M March 23...

And EU has 23...

It's hit a lotta people

Exactly. The CIA is targeting this game.

Let me see. I will post something here then try to go onto the game.

Apparently, I'm not infected. Corn is also not infected since I saw him in-game.

How did you enter the game? O_O

I'm asking "HOW?"

Also, I purposely used ad-blocker to see if there was any effect and there was none.

All I got was this, which is normal.

Is there any connection in what happened between the victims?

God, I make it sound like a full-fledged case.

If I wanted a Watson, I'd take Etheric Form

I haven't been able to access to game today, I've tried on different computers but always same error.

Seems like a few get served a faulty script.js for some reason and I don't understand why. The black screen seems to affect mostly new users? Caching issue? Cookie issue? For you that still can access the game, try opening your browser in incognito mode and see if it still works?

I get this error (on Chrome/win7 no ad-block):

Fuck it got me

It got Sherlock

Sorry for my language

It is more infectious than we thought

Sherlock help us!

Aight, leave it to SGT Pain, hopefully Etheric Form, and Egzekutor. Rezoner will try a hard reset on the game guys.

Wait that thing on the right, did you do something to open it or is it originally there?

I deleted all cookies and it work now

not fixed ;c

yeah I've got the same problem

Man what the heck is happening to everyone....

I think I've found a solution, will paste a screen of what I've wrote on discord ->

If you still have the black screen bug, try to :
-change browser,
-clear cache,
-delete cookies.