Spear's buff: Does it still need a buff?

Etheric Form 7 years ago updated by THE_LORD_OF_FERRETS 7 years ago 12

in my opinion, it still does. don't get me wrong but the two things that are holding spear back is the clash effect and the spear range. spear range is about the range of a standard weapon in my experience in combat. it should be increasd thanks. another thing i think that has to be addressed is the clash effect. spear's moves are easily countered by the clash effect and a fair fix is to make it so that the spear does not experience the clash effect.

what do you think?

Well i dont know, i played for a while with the spear and it seems quite balanced

though it still need skill in order to master fighting

still +1, this needs to be taken in consideration


i also want to include this in a bug report there is a one idea per week rule so here is what i'm gonna say: you apparently can move right or left while using the charged spear attack even though it's a thrust. how does that make sense? where you are facing is the direction to charge at.

bugs r ok to post even with 1 idea per week rule

its very hard to aim with lunge

spear has more range than a normal weapon

Yea,it s long reach is good asset,asweel as its new charge and throw.Would you imagine that 6m long spear from Alexander the Great army would be added?His infantry had insanely long spears,each above 6m long.

It's 6 meters long when you get 120 bones xD

Good god,you just impale couple of people and you just leave them in that shape while you prepare your BBQ.

I think the spear is good now. With the throw, the charge, and the speed it is very good weapon now