I cannot see my tribe on the map :(

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So I have a tribe but when I look at the map, I cannot distinguish the other tribes from my own. Can you make it so that you can actually see where your tribe was placed no matter how small it is?

Also, why does the western part of the map almost look like Great Britain? 

Also, tribe nickname is FROST.

Image 2559

Here's the map.

Image 2560

Do you see my tribe?   :((

Image 2562

Do you see it?     :(

Also, my tribe is Blizzard Glacier Academy. Have fun trying to find my tribe on the map.

LOL.; Mines POKEMONZ, and its not on the map.

Also, you need a certain amount of bones to place a capital, or area on map. Hope this helps :)

How many bones...

Honestly? i have nooooo idea.....I looked it up. I got BLAH BLAH BLAH

You and your tribemates need to collect so much bones or you will never see your tribe on the political map. Look at Seal With It tribe - it's hella big because this tribe gained around 200-300k bones. ELITEs are currently the largest tribe on map (I just didn't found WAR territory, help me xD)

I have 6000+. is that enough?

I think it'll do it.

It's still not there -.-

Your Tribe needs to have at least 1% of the total bones that Tribes on the Map currently have .

at least that's what someone told me .

I dunno,I just know that considering our tribe which takes up teritory shown up by light and dark brown colors,it could've been way bigger If I could've been able to play everyday,not just on Friday and weekends.

yeah, probs like twice bigger or so

why did 2 guys downvote? dude is quite new to the game and asked a question and what you do is downvote him for no reason

shame guys, shame

No use.They won't listen no matter how hard you try to make em' stop.Lost cause,man.

i didnt. I dont know how.