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Just an idea.  It would be cool if you could bet coins on who would win in the spectator mode.  So if you think some one is going to win you can put in up to 20 coins.  Then if the person you choose wins, you get 20.  But if they lose, you lose 20 coins.  I dont know if it would be balanced though because of bots.  Otherwise it seems somewhat balanced.  IDK though.


I like it, but you should be able to choose your bet like 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200

Yes.  I said "you can put in up to 20 coins"  I do not think you should be able to gamble 200 coins though.  It seems too easy to make money that way

No, to make the game profitable and fair to the creator it should be max 50 per day

Nice .It'd be great to add it so audience can gamble aswell.

Yes.  I ment to have it so only the audience could gamble

I think that Rezoner will never do this because he wants this game to be appropriate for advertisement and to do that, he must meet all requirements and one such requirement involves having no influences with gambling which could insight people to gamble in real life. Rezoner has to make this at least Rated as for Everyone or at least PG 13. Gambling is something that will give raters a higher rating and if so, it will ruin Rezoner's chance of advertising.

Then we could call gambling betting.  The game already seems kinda pg 13 though.  You run around with weapons and murder people then steal their bones.

I see no reason why my 4 years old brother played this game (he has his own account!)

serously....in minecraft you kill people....in roblox you kill people...children don't think about the murder part aka blood heads being chopped of , innocent lives....it's a game....


Rez already said that betting system is out of discussion.

BETTING serously ??? children also play this game...and you want some betting on the game ?? 

i don't need to make myself clearer....

imagine ... you can farm gold off that thing when how? just wait till the weaker guy has 1 more chance and then bet

+1 though its.. well... not really good

as others said the game should be PG 13 and gambling doesnt fit in

second, the betting has to take place before the round starts

Also there arent many spectators oftenly, but maybe gambling would bring more to the matches

wtf i made this post already

no you did not