New Item: Fake Coin

FrostyFire 6 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 6 years ago 11

I was thinking about this new item where you could combine the mine into a fake coin so when people pick it up it explodes! you would have to throw a mine on a golden coin to make it or just find it randomly on the spawners. Then you would be able to pick it up and move it anywhere you want. Once you drop it you cant pick it up again or else you'll explode. I thought this was a cool idea and I hope the community and the developer agrees.

the only problem is that now the coins comes were you are soo.. nobody will fall for that

There is a problem with this idea - It's not that easy to do on treasure chest because players quickly get gold and they can get bomb too if someone try to do it.

The fact that this "trap" will haunt everyone in the community. Imagine it: Players staying away from coins ;-;

The fact that You're Leaving the Tribe soon is already enough to haunt me . ;-;

;_; I would want to reply back with a "haunting" joke, but I might create a "haunting" paradox or some crap ;v

Dad jokes are haunting enough...

1 Way too OP, because its unspottable and deadly

2 Rather useless since its only purpose is to have fun of others

3 Just no

Ahem ahem! Coins cannot be on picked up by other players if you kill someone or got gold from the chest as the coins will be given to you automatically!


the chest gold doesnt come to you automatically, only the one from player kills does

i know. thats why i like this idea. good to troll noobs. we all like doing that XD