New Item; Ghost Potion

OnderaZ 7 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 7 years ago 17

My basic idea is: after taking the potion, you become a semi ghost, you can cross the walls, but still other players can still hurt you. It can take 2.5 seconds, what do you think?
I thought the potion could be blue in a different jar because we already have four potions with identical jars.

Yeah that would be cool, but i think it should be grey don't you think? And I think it should be in a beaker or in a vile.

I think that while the potion is in use, the player is

It could be usefull for evading and quicker transport regardless of terrain and obstacles,but it should be way more rare than mirage potion.

Cool! but i think that, because, there are already four potions and four other, they should add another other, say, oh..... how about a LEGO? if u step on it u die INSTANTLY!

Accurate representation of what happens when you step on a lego, shame there were no hospitals in barbarian age.

Actually its not, it depends on what you step on :)


This item would be soooo OP in graveyard

Basically no-clipping, meh +1.

Cool idea! +1

Blue is for mana potion, what about green color or grey?

instead of a dark blue and strong, as I initially thought, what do you think of a very light navy blue?

Too OP in Fort, even players can hit you.

like this idea

no, runners will like this.

runners give excitement to the game

That's me...yay... :)