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I thought of a new class but i think you guys and gals should look into these weapons



Ok for my class idea i was thinking of a ninja class

it would have two kunai in it's hands and attack from a short distance prob like half damage of sword

for charged attack the ninja throws a fuuma shuriken and hit person loses half lives 

special is a smoke bomb where teammates and yourself can see but others can't

the ninja is the fastest of the bunch


It seems good.The charged attack is to op but cool,maybe 1.5 damage or so,but special is great .And I can see you got idea of charge attack from Naruto,so +1.

forgot to say that the charged attack takes 2 bars of stamina

and maybe the ninja should be able to go up too 2 bars of stamina on it's own

That'd be bad,if his attacks consume a lot.

but it's the price to pay of the op attack

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wow look at the spelling mistakes

crap I spelled classess wrong 

i mean classes

This game is not a mmorpg....

I know,maybe not yet,but in future it will.

should this class be fast

Hell yea,in logical way,great speed and agility is a must.

if you unlike this can u tell me  why so i can tweak it


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