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Maybe the wand users should get to chose what color the wand is since the wand doesn't deal a lot of damage anyways. I was thinking maybe only 5 colors you can chose from (green, orange, red, yellow, white). I think this would be fair since if you buy wand, it's kinda like spending your gold for nothing (no offense wand users).

But, it’s an ice wand, so blue makes sense.

Maybe those colors can represent possible aliterations of staff.For example:green(necromancer),orange(fire),red(he-aling),yellow(lightning) and white(wind).

Each with its special powers and costs,but that's just my idea.


Not a bad idea

It could spice up the game

Except for the fact that it's kinda ded rn, with the black screen and whatnot

Essentially, you're asking for a weapon modification. I am against this because it would take up a ton of space if someone was to customize their wands. Applying a certain number of colors will take up data and the more people there is with wand, the more data that will be required. Hence the dislike.

I'm pretty sure in english he's saying there would be more lag.