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New Weapon !!!

Hello! I'm bringing an idea of a weapon to wilds.io.

It is difficult for me to think of a new weapon, I was going to make a topic about katana, but it was very similar to the sword, so decide to do about "Mace" or "Morning Star".
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I have four suggestions of how this can be:

Suggestion 1:

Damage: 2/8 (the same of axe damage);
Charge speed: 0.6 (normal);
Attack speed: 0.5 (0.1 slower than the axe);
It may seem worse than the axe, but the special attack chosen can balance the weapon and make it a decent choice.

Suggestion 2:

Damage: 2.25/8 (0.25 stronger than the axe);
Charge speed: 0.6 (normal);
Attack speed: 0.5 (0.1 slower than the axe).

Suggestion 3:

Damage: 2.75/8 (0.25 stronger than the axe);
Charge speed: 0.7 (0.1 slower);
Attack speed: 0.7 (0.2 slower than the hammer);
Can kill a player with only three attacks.
I decrease the attack speed because of the great advantage of being able to kill an opponent with only three attacks.

Suggestion 4:

Damage: 3/8 of the same damage as a throwing weapon;
Charging time: 0.8 (0.2 slower);
Attack Speed: 0.8 (0.3 slower than the hammer);
With this high damage, this weapon can kill you with only three attacks, but the downside is that it is very slow attack speed compared to other weapons.

Image 3018


I have three suggestions for special attacks:

Suggestion 1:

Earth Shockwave similar to the axe, with the same damage that is 1/8 but is a stronger version of the special attack of the ax, having a very long reach and that can go to the corner of the screen. This special can only be avoided by jumping on it.

Image 3014

Suggestion 2:

Special attack used to fend off opponents, giving 1/8 (same damage of the ice staff's projectile). the playable character leaves the weapon ahead (similar to the lunge attack of the spear, but without the speed bonus) and pushes the enemy away. The damage from this special attack can be avoided by using the shield, but still will receive a small push.

Image 3013

Suggestion 3:

Special attack that heals the character. The character leaves the weapon above him healing instantly 2/8, but the character becomes vulnerable using this special attack for a short time and the wait time to use it again is long (30 seconds). When the player is running or walking, if he uses this special attack will stand still for a second to receive the healing effect.

Image 3017

Suggestion 4: 

Increases attack speed by 50% for 3 seconds.

Image 3016

Next week, on the next topic I will write about:
Rocks, Stones and Stone Gates. Please leave your vote on what you think about my idea, and leave your comments, I want to know if you like it or not, this is very important. :) I'm sorry if you do not understand some parts, I used google translate :(

Think it needs a better special. I was thinking of spin like the sword's, but the rotations instead of 5. It does hammer (regular hit) damage if it hits you.

Actually, even though this idea has been suggested so much,

I see you actually worked hard on this...

Yeah, I like it shadow +1

another special attack suggestion would be to throw the weapon and pull back, equal to a boomerang, giving 2/8 damage to the opponent

Ah god damn it now i have to take 1 weapon of my listo out -.-

There's not much creativity to it. It's pretty much a better, even arguably over-powered version of the axe weapon.

Read the whole topic, don't read only Special Attack Suggestion 1


I like the idea of special attack 4. It's original, and helpful but no unbalanced. Of course, having it kill in 3 hits is pretty op, and becomes very op if you can increase hit speed with the special. Maybe the special increases hit speed by only 25% but also increases movement speed?

No, the speed of movement will be very OP, runners will be unbearable.

This idea already exists.

......The mace and the morning star are different; A mace is a club with a metal head or spikes, a morning star/flail is a heavily spiked club attached by a chain. We could make ideas and concepts for the flail tho...

+1 Props to you for an in-depth and detailed concept of the mace, and also for using title/headers and their fonts correctly (Possibly the only one who actually uses them correctly lmao)