New Weapon Idea (Must Read!!)

The_Ozan1 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 34

I was thinking of a good idea dual swords. Not daggers because they are harder. Dual swords will have;

2x more damage than a single sword 

2x more  expensive than single sword. 

0.1 lower attack speed than single sword. 

You can't use shield while you use it. You can also block the attack with those swords. 

Special Attack: Dash Spin with Jump. 

If it's good, please like it. Because no one said of this and you can regret for not pressing on like button. 

Also charge speed is 0.1 lower than a single sword. 


2x more damage is too much


If the special is a jump...people can go under it right?


way too op

why is the attack speed lower then the single sword attack speed


2x the damage of sword is WAY too op. I don't think this weapon is very neccessary, since we already have sword.

This should have like 75% of sword damage and twice the attack speed,blockable attacks with swords but half the slow.Dunno,something to balance it.

sounds like claws

...Any weapon that goes over the hammer's initial dps is already op.

You have to consider game-breaking factors tho. Imagine being ambushed by the duel swords with mirage clones...

It would be better if your stamina depletes very easily while using this weapon. This is one way of balancing this weapon.

wow I really should read



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GUYS SORRY After the comments, I realized that I've been made it too op and almost ruined the game. Please look at my fixed topic. Stats are changed. Be honest and tell me your opinion please :) 

Wilds.io is a game in which the price of weapons is not so important, wilds.io is a game in which you can be the best player using only the ax, or which weapon you use best, wilds.io is a game where all weapons are meant to be balanced, even a beginner can be a very good player using an ax, which is as good as other weapons.

If we put a weapon with a high price Ex: 10000 and with damage and other benefits greater than other weapons, it would be a slightly unfair game for players who do not have 10000 coins.

Wilds.io is not a game "be rich to stay on top" wilds.io is a skill game, which, as I mentioned above, a beginner can be as good as players who have guns like hammer or claws.

Thinking about a new weapon for the wilds.io is difficult, since this game has great weapons, I would recommend you to think of a new game mode.
Try to make weapons that are balanced and non OP weapons.

:) you can.

You're true :) At my other fixed topic, %20 more price than a single sword is not unfair or rich to win :) Choosing the weapon is yours, no op. And you can upgrade it :) Any weapon can be good for you but you also should be able to improve it :) 

The logic you choose one of 5 path, that's ok but in that path there is a improved one more path if its possible :)