Make a drunk potion

Cake Wolf .. 6 years ago updated by Prince Vegeta 6 years ago 24

make a drink potion that would leave the player dizzy and half crooked the view of the player

.-. I don't think this will be even beneficial to the game lmao, and people will only use this for the lols.


lol. Could be same of others potions, and being rare

Everybody would use it and... there may be too many alcoholics

................just......why ? XD


Make it throwable like a bomb, but with smaller range, and we can use it as a weapon - it would be nice and funny thing.

The effect time should be random in range from 3 to 6 secs. Lets drink!

I made this text bigger because I wanted you to see it lel.

Splash potion of drunkness. Perfect :D Just remember to add redstone to make it longer :DD

I have created a small resolution sprite in GIMP - can it look like that?

Best vodka all over the Wilds!

Cara, é muito bom, parabéns, como você faz itens como esse?

With GIMP and a bit of creativity.


I am drunk after this post xd

It should look almost exactly like a health pot, but when you drink it your screen goes all distorted and the controls get messed up


Shut the fuck up.

Stop minusing me or I will have to retaliate.

It's only a small warning.


You are the retard for making a topic about how to floss on a game user-echo. So don't call others retards when you aren't that well off.


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