Animation Jinx

Etheric Form 6 years ago updated by Phroenix BR 6 years ago 2

Sometimes a glitch occurs when your attacks no longer display animations indicating hits. For example, a grenade explodes but does not show the explosion. The same goes for every other item. Also, even when you destroy crates, they will never drop items. including health/ stamina orbs. You can not even see items. To make things worst, your enemies can hit you and lower your health bar.

What is also game-breaking about this glitch is that you can't kill enemies with your primary weapon. 

Please fix.

A theory of how this glitch is triggered:

You press so many buttons during an ad-pop up phase while running ad-blocker that the game triggers an error causing the after-effects. Frequently occurs during combat.

I guess this just happens to you, honestly, it never happened to me ...