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The claws are to Op  you cannot block them unless you have Pacific timing that's super hard you know before you dislike this read my whole thing first........I've yet the see one person Dodge the claws I'm not saying you have to Nerf them actually I am saying you have to Nerf them but you should have had a longer cool down.

1. The random capitalizations lol...

2. One idea per week!!!

3. Naw, not really... Depending on your skill level...

1. If you don't like it do something about it

2.  who said idea per week and why

3. depends on your skill you're right but I want to see you block without kicking

Well, we already discussed about many certain nerfs/buffs/topics about all the weapons. The claw is actually already fine, and dodging its special is pretty easy, you just have to get used to counting the time in your head. Also, it pretty easy to know when they are about to use it; they might run and charge at you, trying to keep a distance, or to charge-special you. So, it doesn't seem to really need a nerf or a longer cooldown.n

The game creator and game dev, Rezoner, made the rule "1 Idea per week" so it could help to stable the overwhelming ideas, feedback, and the voting. Well, some of us aren't even following this rule now, but we are still trying to follow all the rules to fix this forum.

Blocking without kicking...that's easy, and I'm not particularly sure what you mean by that. You can charge-block, guard break/shield bash, roll-dash backward-block, and their are others. You should always try to keep distance if you have trouble killing someone, and if you need help in fighting, talk to the experts for some little tips.


Sorry lost my patience xD

I want to see you block without kicking...

I... want to see you BLOCK... without kicking...


Uh... That's kinda easy... ?

What you mean by charge-blockg & guard break/shield bash, roll-dash backward-block

That's what I mean! You have to get used to the game before you demand a nerf!

Really, dude? I think the claws special is actually the most predictable special in the whole game. You literally have a good amount of time to react to it. Look, no offense, but at least play the game some more and actually get used to it before you go complaining about what should be nerfed and what shouldn't.

I agree with bilbooo. Most claw users will start sprinting at you when their special refreshes, which basically screams, "I'mma use the special rrrrright now!!!". Most of the time you can block it easily, and the short range and small damage of claws means that they basically can't use all those nice strategies with the charge attack. It is the general opinion of the community that claws are pretty balanced.


Pff what a noob Pacific timing

Try Atlantic timing scrub

No need to get mean here I said ok and that it

What do timezones have to do with anything? And who are you talking to?

Read the idea again

legendary. Best thing I've seen in a long time.

Lol it did go right over my head

What I do when I suspect someone is going to use claw special or hammer swing when my block almost ends, I super jump away.

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I know what forget about it I'm going to change the title to chat

no I don't care anymore this is a chat where everyone can talk

claws have less reach, but they have great other abilities. over all, not to O.P. i still prefer sword.