Have we ran out of ideas "yet"?

Ruby Rose 6 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 6 years ago 33

As the bow debate is subsiding, it seems 'most' of us are running out of ideas...

So, what will happen now .-.?

just shut. the. FUCK. UP.

first off why did you get pissed

second, Ruby just asked a question, a relevant one if you'd ask me, and there is no reason to swear or to get mad

.-. What in hell did I do?...Jesus Christ..

make a trash post conributing nothing and asking the same question that no one needed

Jesus Christ, don't get so butthurt by that. Lmao, I dont see you complaining about the repetitive bow posts lol.

You also don't react like that when someone else does it....Jashin. Heck, I'm just curious on what "we" should do now.

yeah i dont complain about repetitive bow posts because im not a whiny bitch, and the topic actually needs attention

and are you trying to point out my name change?

In actuality, you are complaining about this situation here ;/. The bow topic does not need attention anymore, first of all, count how many bow posts were made, isn't that enough? 

And I'm not pointing out your name change. I refer people by their old names. Why is it bold, go figure, it's not that hard.

go to hell man

just go to hell

No need to be exceedingly rude of the bat lmao. ...I'm a woman for your correction lol, 22 yrs old.

LOL she played the gender card

Nothing. Just nothing.

Don't. Ask. Me. I'm almost all the time out of ideas, I post one idea and it takes about 1-2 months to make another one.

we need to wait for new updates (⌐■_■)

Aren't we, the community, making them? Rezoner is just doing them if he likes them.

but hes now making a new game 

patience is needed

My ideas get raided ever since I raided the forum, vengeance was to be expected, as I am pate.   A not very mannered Pate infact.   But I have ideas ^_^

Are they... good? If they are, you should prepare for some upvotes. Not if your idea is bad.

For example, the idea I posted 3 days ago, it got raided.

Yeah, and when I made a idea about deleting dash it got raided by 11 persons, mother****ers. But really, your idea was just bad and people downvoted it, if your idea is good you will get upvotes.

everyone is just waiting on rez to come back, why post an idea when the devoleper does not even look at it

meh I remember this 

I kind of moved on to slay.one 

play it 

Im waiting for the new game wilds.io game to come out 

so yeah 

just wanted to say that

You have to be kidding me.... you're back -,-

Lmao dis post got raided LOL

more like downvoted because its complete shit

youre one to be talking ukryty

...Downvoting for unreasonable reasons?...k


my god people, use your brains

You just let us to use thing which you don't own because you dropped it to trash can years ago.