I have a laptop/Chromebook setting controls

Ottangue Walker 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 10

I have a Chromebook 

Chromebook can only used W, A, N ,D & S and more

and it's really hard to use potions and though your melee weapon even talk.

The control stink I can't even kill no one


 I use a chromebook with a broken screen that's hooked to a monitor. I have the same key layout as you. I have 73774 bones. I have not a single problem killing people (besides lag spikes). I can use any weapon and any item at all just fine.

Now here is your simple solution if you can't work with these controls:

Do you see that gear on the right side of your main menu? Click it. Now.

Can you send a image of your setting controls plz

look at this it a  mess

what do you think I have been doing this last 4 month I just got a hammer yesterday and plus all I'm saying is just to tweak the controls a little that's not much probably

You just heard of the forums now?...

See those controls up in that menu? You can change your own controls. Click one of the controls that you want to change in that menu, then push the key you want to change the control to. You can do that with everything you want to change, and completely personalize your controls.

Iff you want to get better watch good people play and see what they do, the thing is some people like me have been playing this game for a few years, so they have almost seen every common move a few thousand times that makes it very easy to predict you're moves.
The best skill in this game is probally predicting the move the person is going to make next.

OK Don't you thick  I know that

I didn't thick you knew that, because if you did you would change the controls to your preference and you wouldn't need to make a post. That was my reasoning, srry if it upset you

okay people let's not type on my page I'm getting so many emails that can't keep track of my regular emails 

we are not Nerf the Claws & Hammer I get it stop writing stuff my page  so I can read my other emails