Muting in da main chat

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I was very butthurt about this because Feyla ditched me xD

So, Corn Maker, the incredibly handsome, famous, renowned person was asked by Feyla to do something, -Because he is so kewl xD- I forgot what. (I think it was matchmaking) So he went to go watch a browars game, and when he came back, he was muted on main chat, Feyla thought he left (I think) and Corn Maker was a very sad, handsome, famous, renowned person. 

It's not like he even did anything mute-worthy, he was just muted for whatever reason. He typed like "hi" and when he came back he was muted.

P.S. Parts of this story is made up lol

So... WHy did this happen to poor Cornie? FIND OUT... BELOW!

(I think because hopefully the comments will help me and not... not help me.

P.S.S Feyla didn't ditch me, I don't think at least, (lol) this wasn't her fault

Did you accidentally say "hi" twice?


I said nothing twice, only said like "hi" once

...Has this never happened to you before?


you type one message and it mutes you when you come back. -_- so annoying


Heh i know, this is a problem. I think that muting system in main chat is broken.

say that again, i often say "gg" when i get killed (which can often take a very long time), and the stupid thing bans be for spamming... when i say the same word, 20 minutes later...

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