make tribes more expensive

kanguror 6 years ago updated by ::: 6 years ago 5

currently there are a lot of tribes that start and are abandoned by thier creators. I think they won't leave something that they worked hard for. It could also help the game in other way. Instead of THOUSANDS of small tribes there would be few bigger ones.

Hmm...how about instead of making them slightly costly, there should be something like tribe benefits that could increase as the tribe gains more people. I'm not sure what the tribe benefits could be, though.

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Mah village post... and the comment I made about it...

Tribal wars between villages?

Tribes are just cosmetic

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I could literally make at least 24 to 30 tribes right now. Could you say what kind of amount you think would be fair? I think about 5,000 to 10,000 gold would be okay, but that's just me going easy.