nasıl rozet kazanılıyor

Ahmet Selim ALTAŞ 2 weeks ago • updated by Shiru,Kurai ite 1 week ago 8

Hey, why the downvotes? This guy's just asking a question. According to the wise and eminent guru Google translate, he's asking, " how do you earn rosettes". I'm not sure what he means by " rosettes", but why are you telling him to shut up?

First,I didn't downvote,and 2nd;user can always check the language and translate it in 1st place.

You could have said that instead of telling him to shut up. I doubt that players want to contribute to the game when the first comment on their new post is "Shut up!!" for no apparent reason.


He kept posting those topics without any clue does someone speak any different language but it doesn't matter now.

a rosette is a cookie, he should shut up

Thank ya',finnaly someone that gets me.