nasıl rozet kazanılıyor

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Hey, why the downvotes? This guy's just asking a question. According to the wise and eminent guru Google translate, he's asking, " how do you earn rosettes". I'm not sure what he means by " rosettes", but why are you telling him to shut up?

First,I didn't downvote,and 2nd;user can always check the language and translate it in 1st place.


You could have said that instead of telling him to shut up. I doubt that players want to contribute to the game when the first comment on their new post is "Shut up!!" for no apparent reason.


He kept posting those topics without any clue does someone speak any different language but it doesn't matter now.

Try to understand him, then.


a rosette is a cookie, he should shut up


Thank ya',finnaly someone that gets me.

Unsummon, I saw you again. Do we say shut up when you explain that you're defending yourself against PLS PEACE? He means badge. Just speaks Turkish and thought that only Turkish people will answer him.

I laughed too hard at that...

But no mate

Guys "Rozet" means "Badge". He just thought that only Turkish people will answer his question. Why do you need to say "Shut Up!"? What do you want from Turkish people? Turkish people just Rekted you because we were enemies in the past but you all are still trying to get rid of us and start to swearing and unrespecting. It's in the past, not now. Now we are in peace. 

Rozet mi? Benim Clanımda 500 kemik ve altı 1000 kemik falan diye sınıflandırıyorlar Çaylak, İskelet, Destansı falan onu diyorsan kemik toplayarak. Ama bir tane daha şey var 300 kemik toplamak için hedef veriyor. Belki de kemik toplayarak geliyordur rozet. Kemik de düşman mağlup ederek ya da ağaç keserek geliyor. Ama en kolay yolu düşman mağlup ederek. Umarım yardımcı olmuşumdur :) Yanlışsa söyle ona göre cevaplayayım.

Please refrain from blah blah over a week old... dude...

I am helping him... dude...

Only if it's a year old. That seems best.

Year is too long

I am impatient, what if it;s 11 months?


...At least if it's pretty relevant ¬_¬

So... I can bump mah village post?

*Check it out*

About training camp badges - this place don’t exist anymore. Hovever maybe if you write to Moms Spaghetti maybe he can give you such badge if you will be training with people as lone trainer. 

About wiki badges - still active. If Traxido will be not active, i can take his place.


*gasp* Someone just said something in a different language. I'm an ignorant fool who can't use Google translate, so I'm going to sit here in my comfortable chair and cry.


Damn guys...

You're really just gonna dislike the topic because it's in a different language? English isn't the only language in the world, ya know! Not everyone needs to speak English! Some translators may not be the best, but at least make an effort to understand the topic before dismissing it with a dislike!

.-. What's sad is that in almost every forum, game, or any "discussion" platform get triggered much if a non-English speaker or someone that can't speak English speaks in a totally different language. Usually they just burst out and start bashing at them.

Hell, what if the non-English speaker can't even translate a word or a sentence properly? (Yes, this actually happens)