Rude people

Apollo The Great 6 years ago updated by PIZZA 6 years ago 9

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So said person "Nori" decides to both utter profanity and insult me. Or possibly someone else, but probably me. So yeah, another rude player here.


If we ban/punish every "rude" player (especially if it's just because they're cussing), then there would be almost nobody playing, or at least using the chat system.

That little toothfairy toddler makes this racket?!

My pc is spoiled and I legit cant play wilds so I just read forums. I hope I can get my burned screen to be fixed cuz im rlly paranoid that ma skills arr lost forever. Idgaf if this is not related to the topic because I will get banned too. Lol. I always tell ppl they are trash and called dis kid named Donny that he has no talent. (Dont u dare ban me for this u made goblin spawn insane and it got me killed and I had like 100+ bones Egzekutor sry if u spellled ur name wrongly but nvm)

Just cuz ur pc is fucked like mine,yiur skills remain.Personally,it's the lag that is the biggest enemy.And your response of insult is fine if that toddler did it first.Just  whoop her ass with fly swater kick n' smack the liv8ng shit out of her.Ya know,don't judge me.Desperate times call desperate measures.

Not everyone can be killed by 100 goblins. It’s a famous death :] Btw. Once i died killed by ogre with +300 bones cuz he threw me on spikes xd

Lol same.Ogres were playing basketball with me and breaking my back in the proces by tossing me around and next one was running up towards me and threw me and loop continued.

What are you doing, trying do drain the ocean with a bucket? Good luck.


Face it, man. The world's full of rude people. For every nice, friendly person you meet, there's at least one (usually more) poop-head to go with him.